Roof Fund Raising Update!

Great news, we’ve raised more than the $10,000 mark for the match!  A big thanks to everyone who donated during the roof fund drive.  So far we’ve raised a total of, drum roll……… $27,653!  God has certainly provided.  A big thanks also has to go out to Bob Allmond for coordinating the fund drive.

While we have a bit left to go ($5,847) for the roofs, I’d like to remind everyone that we still have general donation needs for our yearly expenses and operating costs.  Currently 50% of our budgeted income is from church and individual donations, so I’d like to encourage any future donations this year to be “undesignated”.  To give you an idea, for this year’s budget we need to receive $8,000 from individual donations… so far we’ve received $3,068.  Ok, enough “treasurer” talk.

I’m continually amazed at the unending support from the extended White Lake family.  Remember, your financial donations are only one way you can support camp.  Please continue to pray for the camp leaders, workers, and soon to be campers, and that the Lord will bless the work on the hilltop.  It truly is a ministry to all the kids, and adults 🙂 as we worship, pray, and play together for God’s glory.



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