I can be myself!

“This year was my tenth summer going to White Lake.


“This year was my tenth summer going to White Lake. The past ten years have been some of the brightest in my life because the people I’ve met at White Lake never fail to make me feel welcome and loved. I have met some of my best friends and most trusted confidants at White Lake. When I am on the hill I know I can be 110% myself with no regrets or fear of judgement. I know that I can be the hyperactive, passionate, and enthusiastic person I am and not have to worry that the people around me won’t understand or think I’m weird. When I’m on the hill I can be the most genuine version of myself with no fear. That’s such an amazing thing and a huge part of why I keep going back every year.” – Kim Browna


New Psalters v. Old Psalters?

Just a quick note, some questions have come up as to whether we will be singing from the new Psalter or the old Psalters. The short answer is that the camp Psalters are still the old ones, so most likely a majority of the Psalms will be from those.

However! We definitely want to encourage as many people as we can to bring along your new Psalter. If enough people have them, we’re hoping to try some out.

So really, we’ll be using both!