Fall Letter

Dear White Lake Family;

“Few people outside of our camp community know of the revitalization, stability, growth and expansion that White Lake Covenanter Camp has and is enjoying.  We must spread the news of God’s goodness and grace to us.”  This is a quote from our Camp Manager, Peter Robson.  

I believe this to be a true statement.   This past summer we were blessed to see almost 100 youths and 27 volunteer counselors attend Kids and Teen Camp.  Lucas Hanna, Pastor of the First RP Church of Beaver Falls provided biblical and practical lessons for the youth while engaging them in valuable conversation.  Many of the kids were involved in a variety of activities, and many for the first time participated in a dramatic presentation directed by Ms. Joanna Lowe.  The kids had a blast as they participated in archery, the slip n’ slide, and games on the quad.  

The following week, over 150 persons attended the Family Camp.  We were blessed to hear Pastor Alex Tabaka of the Broomall RP Church speak on Hebrews.  We enjoyed the rich fellowship, skit night, and the largest campfire ever on our new field!

As we look forward to our next year, we hope that you are also encouraged that White Lake Covenanter Camp is continuing to serve Christ’ Kingdom under the auspices of the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Presbyteries.

Our strategy is to build upon our good work by engaging in some camp improvements.  We want to increase overnight sleeping capacity and improve the condition of the Pritchard House.  We hope to embark upon the following projects in 2018

  1. Install bedrooms above the Dining hall
  2. Renovate the bathroom above Dining Hall
  3. Renovate the bedrooms and guest bathroom in the Pritchard House

Won’t you help us develop and encourage a love for Jesus Christ in our young campers?  Won’t you consider supporting us with as little as $5?  Please send your contribution to Sharon Robson at 195 Wilkinson Rd, Macedon, NY. 14502.  Your contribution is tax deductible.  

Yours in Christ,

Glen A. Chin

President, White Lake Covenanter Camp


Roof Fund Raising Update!

Great news, we’ve raised more than the $10,000 mark for the match!  A big thanks to everyone who donated during the roof fund drive.  So far we’ve raised a total of, drum roll……… $27,653!  God has certainly provided.  A big thanks also has to go out to Bob Allmond for coordinating the fund drive.

While we have a bit left to go ($5,847) for the roofs, I’d like to remind everyone that we still have general donation needs for our yearly expenses and operating costs.  Currently 50% of our budgeted income is from church and individual donations, so I’d like to encourage any future donations this year to be “undesignated”.  To give you an idea, for this year’s budget we need to receive $8,000 from individual donations… so far we’ve received $3,068.  Ok, enough “treasurer” talk.

I’m continually amazed at the unending support from the extended White Lake family.  Remember, your financial donations are only one way you can support camp.  Please continue to pray for the camp leaders, workers, and soon to be campers, and that the Lord will bless the work on the hilltop.  It truly is a ministry to all the kids, and adults 🙂 as we worship, pray, and play together for God’s glory.



We received a call from Strait Line Roofing that new roofs will be completed in a few days! Peter Robson and I are headed to camp once the roofs are completed to inspect the work. Strait Line sent us some photos of the work that has already been completed. Here is your first look of our new roofs! Praise The Lord!

Also, fundraising is going really well…  Thanks so much for everyone’s support, let’s keep going!