Invitation to live at the camp

Hello friends of White Lake,

For many years White Lake Camp was blessed by the year-round presence of Charles and Beth McBurney. They lived in their own trailer on the hilltop and were always there. They also were a great help to the White Lake Church.

The camp now invites those who might like to live at the camp
to call John Edgar at 215-782-9849. Living at the camp would provide the opportunity to help support the summer youth activities of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Presbyteries. It would also put you just up the hill from one
of the most mercy and outreach-minded congregations in the denomination.
Terms/dates/job description, if any, is all open to discussion, based on availability, interest, and skills.

Our ideal candidate would bring a trailer, live year-round, and provide maintenance.
But even a part-time caretaker would be a blessing. So give me a call if you
might be interested and we’ll talk.


John Edgar
Camp board president


Latest from the Prez

Hi White Lake!

Are you ready for Family Camp 2013? I hope you are as excited as I am for the week of spiritual refreshment, fellowship and encouragement that is quickly approaching! I thought I would give you a little sneak peak at some of the fun events that await you.

  • Meet some cute animals at Saturday’s petting zoo.
  • See who has the most skills in the first White Lake Tournament.
  • Learn a new game or play an old favorite at Family Game Night.
  • Douse your friends in Water Wars!
  • Enjoy the New Song concert.
  • Learn some new moves at our Swing Dance night!
  • Share some laughs at Skit & Talent night.
  • Go on an adventure off the hilltop for Flex Day!
  • Get some great teaching in the daily lessons and discussions.

Hope to see you there!

Your Young People’s President for 2013, Jenny Panella

(P.S. Don’t forget to register!)

Roof Fund Raising Update!

Great news, we’ve raised more than the $10,000 mark for the match!  A big thanks to everyone who donated during the roof fund drive.  So far we’ve raised a total of, drum roll……… $27,653!  God has certainly provided.  A big thanks also has to go out to Bob Allmond for coordinating the fund drive.

While we have a bit left to go ($5,847) for the roofs, I’d like to remind everyone that we still have general donation needs for our yearly expenses and operating costs.  Currently 50% of our budgeted income is from church and individual donations, so I’d like to encourage any future donations this year to be “undesignated”.  To give you an idea, for this year’s budget we need to receive $8,000 from individual donations… so far we’ve received $3,068.  Ok, enough “treasurer” talk.

I’m continually amazed at the unending support from the extended White Lake family.  Remember, your financial donations are only one way you can support camp.  Please continue to pray for the camp leaders, workers, and soon to be campers, and that the Lord will bless the work on the hilltop.  It truly is a ministry to all the kids, and adults 🙂 as we worship, pray, and play together for God’s glory.



We received a call from Strait Line Roofing that new roofs will be completed in a few days! Peter Robson and I are headed to camp once the roofs are completed to inspect the work. Strait Line sent us some photos of the work that has already been completed. Here is your first look of our new roofs! Praise The Lord!

Also, fundraising is going really well…  Thanks so much for everyone’s support, let’s keep going!